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Achieve your goals by developing an engaged, passionate, supportive alumni base

It's no secret; alumni engagement is at an all time low. Institutions relying on traditional communication channels are finding it difficult to effectively engage recent graduates. As a result, alumni contributions have suffered, making it challenging for Universities and on-campus organizations to achieve their goals. Studies show that since 2013, the % of Americans giving to charity has decreased. Even more troubling, recent graduates are reluctant to engage in the giving cycle, putting current and future fundraising efforts in jeopardy.

Using the AlumTies mobile app, alumni are able to stay in-touch with their school and on-campus organizations, keeping up to date with the latest news, events, and projects, providing them with a platform to provide monetary and non-monetary support to the institutions and on-campus groups they’re passionate about.


Increase alumni engagement by creating a user-specific experience

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Alumni, Friends and Family

Graduates, friends and family are able to keep in touch with their school and the on-campus groups by self-selecting to follow the organizations they are passionate about. Using AlumTies, users are able to:

  • Subscribe to groups they wish to receive updates from

  • Donate to specific projects and causes

  • RSVP for upcoming events

Universities & On-campus Organizations

Higher education institutions are able to develop their digital presence, distributing information to their alumni base via the AlumTies platform and driving increased alumni engagement and participation. Using AlumTies, organizations are able to:

  • Share recent news and updates

  • Elicit support for fundraising projects

  • Advertise upcoming events

  • Analyze follower and donor data


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